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Re: nvidia thoughts

Niels Weber said:
>> [snip]
>> Distributing binary-only drivers is opposed to the goals of the Fedora
>> Project:
>> http://fedora.redhat.com/about/objectives.html
>> "Build the operating system exclusively from open source software."
> There are other programs in fedora with non OSI compliant licenses, what
> about them?

Could you give some examples?

> I was talking about a different ISO image for a reason. It should be
> marked as a non official ISO that doesn't really belong to fedora and is
> just provided to make installation easier for some people.

Any third party is welcome to do this.  I don't expect Fedora to at all,
because as I said above it is counter to their goals.  I would expect any
bugs causing problems with the Official ISOs AND reported to bugzilla to
be checked out and fixed to the best of the ability of the maintainers..

William Hooper

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