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Re: CNET News Article

Jeff Lasman said:
> On Thursday 23 October 2003 15:17, William Hooper wrote:
>> It sounds like your main problem is your control panel vendors, not
>> RHEL.
> Yes, and I never meant for my post to be taken as a rant; I was merely
> responding to the original poster's question.  I'm quite sorry for all
> the time and space it's taken.

It just brings up a good point that for some reason needs repeating.  In
following the mailing lists when RH announced it's EOL changes (before
Fedora) there were a lot of posts saying "I'll just switch to foo" or
"I'll be forced to go to bar".  Most of these posters didn't bother
looking at the support policies of foo or bar.

The situation has been changed a bit with Fedora, since it is aimed at the
enthusiast market, does have a shorter errata time than most, but not by
much.  RHEL on the other hand has a very good errata policy in comparison
to it's competition.

William Hooper

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