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Re: nvidia thoughts

Hi Niels, hi all!

Am Do, den 23.10.2003 schrieb Niels Weber um 23:33: 
> > Have you tried booting with "nofb" parameter?
> I hadn't tried on that system. It seems to work when run with "linux
> nofb" on this one (Geforce 2 MX, MACROTRON monitor). Thanks for the
> help.
> Still, on my other system (Geforce 4 ti 4200, Philips 150 P DFP it
> doesn't matter if I choose nofb or not).

You still can do the installation in text mode, skip the x configuration
and reboot.
# export CC=gcc32
# XFree -configure
Edit the new XF86config for your needs.
Be happy. :-)

I think the problem is your TFT, not the graphics card , but i cannot
comment on this. I always had to do this old school way with RH 7.3 and
my Nvidia card. I used xf86setup (there was a 

Or, if possible, just change the monitors during install???

Christoph Wickert <christoph wickert web de>

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