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Re: Whats really new ?

On Thu, 23 Oct 2003 18:42:11 +0200, you wrote:

>And yes i care about boot time since my laptops is moved around and is therefore
>booted several times a day. Why are Fedora not using the newer initscripts that
>can start services in parallel (hopefully making boots faster).

Mentioned previously on these lists that testing revealed booting
typically took the same amount of time.

>Gnome 2.4 in probably a big thing. But the file selector in KDE is one of the
>reasons why i have never used Gnome for more than a few hours (although i like
>the look-and-feel of gnome).

GTK+ issue, supposedly GTK+ 2.4 will fix this issue.

>Was there not something about Fedora being a "bleeding-edge" distribution ?

Give it time.  The basic content of this release was set back in July
when Red Hat started the change process to the new type of
distribution.  As things move forward and the process for people
outside of Red Hat to contribute more directly becomes available then
newer stuff will be included.

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