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Re: nvidia thoughts

Am Do, den 23.10.2003 schrieb William Hooper um 23:58:
> Niels Weber said:
> >> "Build the operating system exclusively from open source software."
> > There are other programs in fedora with non OSI compliant licenses, what
> > about them?
> Could you give some examples?
AFAIK the license of Xfig isn't OSI compliant.

> > I was talking about a different ISO image for a reason. It should be
> > marked as a non official ISO that doesn't really belong to fedora and is
> > just provided to make installation easier for some people.
> Any third party is welcome to do this.  I don't expect Fedora to at all,
> because as I said above it is counter to their goals.  I would expect any
> bugs causing problems with the Official ISOs AND reported to bugzilla to
> be checked out and fixed to the best of the ability of the maintainers..
They won't fix the problems because they can't (see
http://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=88360 ).

I'd like to have fedora as easy to install as possible, so that everyone
can install it who wants.

Niels Weber <nath snafu de>

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