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RE: nvidia thoughts

Anyone able to get the NVidia quad-port card working with four monitors and
SMP?  Works fine under 7.3, it does not work under the newer versions in an
SMP enabled box.

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>> > I was talking about a different ISO image for a reason. It should 
>> > be marked as a non official ISO that doesn't really belong to 
>> > fedora and
>> is
>> > just provided to make installation easier for some people.
>> Any third party is welcome to do this.  I don't expect Fedora to at 
>> all, because as I said above it is counter to their goals.  I would 
>> expect any bugs causing problems with the Official ISOs AND reported 
>> to bugzilla to be checked out and fixed to the best of the ability of 
>> the maintainers..
> They won't fix the problems because they can't (see 
> http://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=88360 ).

I repeat "fixed to the best of the ability of the maintainers".  In this
case it looks like it has been reported upstream, so the ball is in their
court.  Fedora project objectives shouldn't be ignored because they cause

William Hooper

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