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Re: Radeon Mobility 9M

Mike A. Harris wrote:

On Thu, 23 Oct 2003, Ben Russo wrote:

I have fedora up and running very nicely. ACPI working, all seems well, except the "built-in" driver for my Radeon Mobility 9M video doesn't allow for the all important switching to external monitor (projector) except at low res. Same with the driver from ATI. Irritating thing is that the "built in" driver in RH 9 works great...

Can I filch the driver from RH 9 ?

I think the old RH9 XFree didn't have ATI Radeon 9K M support, so it used the SVGA driver,

Radeon Mobility 9000 support is in Red Hat Linux 9, however there is more than one different chip from ATI that is a Radeon Mobility 9000. Also, there is no such thing as the "SVGA" driver. You're probably refering to the XFree86 3.3.6 SVGA server XF86_SVGA which was included in Red Hat Linux 7.3 and older releases, but which was obsoleted officially for 8.0 and later.

Yeah, VESA (Generic), that's what I meant.
I have a Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop with a Radeon 9000 M video card
and my laptop display didn't work very well under RedHat 9.
Chromium/tuxracer etc. were so slow
there were unusable, and GL screensavers occassionally locked up
my machine. Switching to virtual consoles or having the screen go
into power save mode and then returning to active display mode
sometimes left the screen "corrupt" with 100 or so lines of resolution at the
top or bottom of the screen all green and purple static.

Then after upgrading my RH9 box to the XFree that I found in the rawhide
channel, or using FC1b3 standard install,
I find that I get power save mode just fine, that the screen doesn't ever
lock up with screen savers, and I can play Chromium and Tux Racer at
full speed with no noticeable screen refresh (it is just smooooth video).

Anyway, Thanks Mike.

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