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Re: mp3 help...

On Saturday 25 October 2003 12:34, Erik Englund wrote:

> > This is why you get the mp3 rpms easily from non US servers. And this is
> > why Mandrake (french) and SuSE (german) can distribute p3 capable stuff.
> > (it being not GPL compatible left aside)
> exactly, so why don't fedora have an European release on a European
> server that US people are not aloud to download? I mean, how many US

It doesn't really make a great deal of difference so long as rpms are readily 
available for xmms MPG3 and mplayer (they are, eg, freshrpms.net), its just a 
small post-install action that needs to be done (along with killing artsd, 
Noatun and Kaboodle)... Redhat don't have to get involved with that at all.  
Looking at the way Redhat stepped up with SCO, I feel happier they are 
Caesar's Wife on the subject and are acting conservatively to protect their 
cashpile for Doing Good In The World.

If you feel really worked up about it, consider making a Fedora++ or 
MetaFedora, which can include the Forbidden Fruits, maybe you can distribute 
it as an rsync patch to the official redhat ISO, that way you won't have 
trouble with the Redhat TM artwork and stuff.  In fact if you consider this 
you should get together with the text-to-speech guy, it can include his 
patched kernel... in fact everything that Redhat reject but somebody loves 
could end up in it, a kind of consolation distro.


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