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iTunes inside of VMWare inside of Windows

I have recieved numerous e-mails about this issue and I thought I would make it known to any and all interested parties since I am the proclaimed expert of Windows inside of VMWare. Yes, the new iTunes can be run inside of Windows inside of VMWare but, (yes you knew a but was coming) You cannot run visualizations because VMWare drivers do not support OpenGL, Do not allocate less than 256mb of RAM for the guest OS, I highly reccomend upgrading to VMWare 4.0.5 since memory management was greatly improved in that version. If you wish to use it inside of VMWare 4.0.0 or below, YOU CANNOT BE DOING ANYTHING IN LINUX. The Apple Music Store works, you can access the store and download and do what you want. If you wish to make custom CD's on an internal CD-RW you are out of luck I think, I have to do some more testing with mine, but upon inital testing it didnt work. but with External burners it works fine, unload the USB mass storage Modules in Linux before you can mount the external burner in the guest OS. If you are going to use the iPod with VMWare make sure it is not mounted in Linux otherwise VMWare refuses to see it

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