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Re: Boot Loader Detection: GRUB or LILO?

Aaron Konstam wrote:
On Mon, Oct 27, 2003 at 04:07:15PM -0700, Charles Curley wrote:

Is there any way to detect which boot loader is the working one?
Simply detecting whether a grub or lilo package is installed may not
be sufficient, especially in the case where both are installed. I
suppose I could look to see which is more recent, grub.conf or
lilo.conf, but I can think of several scenarios unde which this would

It's time to update my bare metal recovery scripts
to handle grub, and I'd like to detect the current boot loader if

The solutions suggested seem too complicated. Just reboot. Unless things have changed radically the lilo boot screen looks completely different that the grub boot screen.

The original post very obviously needs a way to detect Grub and Lilo programmatically.

The solutions suggested are appropriate. Maybe you need to read the original post carefully.


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