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Re: CUPS Nightmare

On Mon, Oct 27, 2003 at 09:16:21PM -0500, Bill Johnson wrote:

> Thanks, Erwin, for the reply.
> I have tried a couple of things based on the good responses from this 
> list.
> I now have 2 queues defined on the server.  One is called HP841C and it is 
> intended to be used for printing from the server.  It is defined with the 
> correct driver for the HP841C printer.  The other queue on the server is 
> called HP841C_SHARED and it is set up as a raw queue.

Why a raw queue?  I think you just need the one queue, and set it shared.

On the laptop, or any client, there is no need to set a queue up.
Just enable remote queue browsing ("Automatically find remote shared
queues") with the Printing tool from the menu, and print directly to
those queues by name.

For simple situations like this there is no need to use the web GUI.
The graphical tool is meant to be a simple replacement, covering the
most often-used functionality. (I'm aware there are large gaps for
more sophisticated needs.)


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