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Re: RH Professional Workstation

>>>>> "Friedhelm" == Friedhelm Betz <holliwell gmx net> writes:
Friedhelm> Maybe my question was a bit misleading, read as whats the
Friedhelm> relation to the fedora project?  I thought, RH will stop selling
Friedhelm> boxes for end users, and now RHPW. Just this fact (stopping box
Friedhelm> selling) is the reason for fedora. I am really confused about RH
Friedhelm> product strategy.

You have the cause and affect mixed up. :-)  The reason for Fedora is *not*
to stop selling boxed products -- it is to allow open source development to
proceed at its more normal (faster) pace.  Tying open source development to
a boxed product (which needs to have a certain shelf life) slowed things

We want to have boxed products available for retail sales.  However,
retailers do not like products that "go stale" within a few months (like
Red Hat Linux).  So, a boxed product based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux bits
(which by definition change more slowly than Red Hat Linux did, and *much*
more slowly than Fedora Core will) gives retailers a product they

Friedhelm> And what about the Redhat Magazine?

What about it?  It's a way for Red Hat to bring information (and
interesting bits) to people on a regular basis.  Nothing more, nothing

Ed Bailey        Red Hat, Inc.          http://www.redhat.com/

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