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OT Re: RH Professional Workstation

Michael Schwendt wrote:

Professional Workstation is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 WS.

Please check the various list archives, e.g. redhat-list, they are
searchable. The product is an ongoing topic.

BTW,  I work at an office where I have half a dozen RHAS 2.1 servers,
and so *luckily* had access to the RHAS3 ISO's.
I am testing them on a box now.

So far I am very happy, it has many of the upgrades you would want on RH9,
such as the latest perl and recent Gnome/KDE/XFree86/Mozilla versions. And it
seems to be 99% compatible with RH9 ( so if you had WineX, Crossover, win4lin, Evolution-Connector etc....
you should be able to get them to work with very little tweaking..)
also, you can get apt/synaptic from fedora or freshrpms and you
should be able to use most of the RH9 repos without too much trouble
Of course I would suggest you only do this for the must have packages, like
xmms-mp3 or mplayer for example... )

The OS seems rock solid, and very smooth and usable.

Really nice.


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