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Re: RH Professional Workstation

> > 
> > No pointers are given, where to buy, so can I consider
> > http://shop.redhat.de/katalog/software
> > as Retail or Corporate Reseller
> Well, that example is flawed, and it seems you have a weird
> understanding of what "resale" is.

what about https://www.europe.redhat.com/shop/en/ ?

As the whole point of my statements, I come to the conclusion that the
information from the various redhat sites are (at least for me) a  bit confusing.
Maybe also my own readings are not thorough enoaugh;:), but the communication
by the redhat websites are at least suboptimal (imho).
But its ok, and no longer worth of discusion;-)
Thanks, for your patience

Friedhelm Betz

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