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RE: transition from red hat 9 to fedora

On Wed, 29 Oct 2003, Dax Kelson wrote:

>> Um, excuse me.  I spent half a weekend a few weeks ago, of my own 
>> personal time backporting support for Radeon 9200/9600/9800 from 
>> XFree86 CVS along with patches donated by ATI, and a bunch of my 
>> own hacking efforts.  I have posted numerous times to these 
>> mailing lists requesting people to TEST this new support out and 
>> to REPORT BUGS and issues with hardware that does not detect yet.
>> To date, I've received only a couple of minor bug reports.  I 
>> don't see any bug reports in bugzilla with your email address on 
>> them either.
>Hey Mike, did you get that replacement 9800 card from ATI?


>Have you seen any hangs on it?

Haven't used it yet.  I've been working on two projects mainly 
nonstop.  I hope to get back to Radeon stuff sometime in November 

>I would love to test more, as I have a whole classroom with
>9800s in it, but we have been so incredibly busy with increasing
>business and trying to hire more people that I've haven't had
>the time to bang on it.

I hoped to do some fixes before Fedora froze, but I missed the 
cutoff date.  So now it's something that'll get done in rawhide 
hopefully in Nov, and get into future updates (if we even do 
updates), and in my own special repository if not.

Haven't been many ATI bug reports in bugzilla, so problems might 
be unique perhaps to certain setups or somesuch.  I hope to 
figure it all out soon though.  Just too bad there isn't 36 hours 
in a day.  ;o/

Take care,

Mike A. Harris     ftp://people.redhat.com/mharris
OS Systems Engineer - XFree86 maintainer - Red Hat

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