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Re: transition from red hat 9 to fedora

On Wed, Oct 29, 2003 at 11:55:50AM -0800, George Alexeief wrote:
> And if Fedora doesn't cut it, then there's always SuSe -- so no matter
> what, us low-cost Linux users will have somewhere to go.

Don't forget Mandrake. I never used RHL8 or RHL9 (I was waiting for
RHL8.2, which never materialized), so I'm still on RHL7.3 (one of the
best distros they ever made, IMO). Being interested in some of the
newer versions of some programs as well (and too lazy to build my own
RPMs for all of them...), I migrated two of my RHL7.3 boxes to MDK9.1.
I'm so happy with it that a third one will follow, while a fourth will
go to Fedora 1, as soon as it's released. And I'll probably keep one
RHL7.3 machine for the time being... :-)


                Thomas Ribbrock    http://www.ribbrock.org 
  "You have to live on the edge of reality - to make your dreams come true!"

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