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Re: apt vs yum vs rpm vs deb..?

On Thu, Oct 30, 2003 at 09:03:51AM -0500, Thomas DuVally wrote:
> I've do not really understand the choice of yum/up2date over apt.  I
> have heard the arguements in its favor and I agree with them
> technically, debian has great success with apt and I don't see the need
> to reinvent the wheel.

Having played with all three programs, I think that yum is the best
possible choice. Apt works well most of the time but goes berserk on
occasion (kernel, glibc, when several versions of the package are
availible). Setting up an apt repository is a PITA. The C++ code
is virtually unreadable.

>                        The debian developers already have a good process
> in place for testing, approving and distributing packages that work well
> together (with some exception is unstable).  Couldn't that just be
> leveraged for fedora?

I seriously doubt that the choice of package manager has anything
to do with QA.


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