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Re: The more I read the confuser I get.

From: "Erik Williamson" <erik cpsc ucalgary ca>

> You can only use one copy on one machine.  If you have a cluster of
> machines - every machine needs a licensed copy.  Same thing goes for
> failover/backup machines that may not be switched on until the primary
> fails.

In which case why in hell bother with Red Hat or Linux at all?

> Service is on a per-machine basis as well.
> Hope this helps,
> e.
> Aaron Konstam wrote:
> > I will make it simple. If you by a RH Enterprise distribution or RH
> > distribution can you install it freely on multiple machines or do you
have to pay
> > for each installation? Or is the service for the installation only good
on one
> > machine but the software can be installed on multiple machines?
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