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Re: unsubsribe

On Thu, 30 Oct 2003 14:14:01 -0500, Edward Croft wrote:

> Paul, I reiterate, Red Hat screwed something up and these people were
> added inadvertently.

Where did you read that? All these unsubscribe/nomail requests didn't
interest me and went to trash folder here until this topic came up.

On redhat-list (which is separate from fedora-list), Matthew Galgoci

    In an effort to clean up the list subscribership, I have turned
    down the bounce hysteresis to a low triggering value and enabled
    list delivery for everyone.

    I am removing addresses that bounce and the balance that I don't
    see bouncing directly will be removed by the list software

    For people that opted for the nomail option and are now suddenly
    getting a deluge of mail, sincerly I appologize. Simply send me an
    email asking to have the nomail option for your preferences
    restored or if you want to be removed entirely, let me know and I
    will remove you from the list.

So, what happened is that the list admin reset the customized settings
for everyone back to defaults. The message does not say that people
were subscribed to the list accidentally.

> They can't unsubscribe themselves.

They can. Either via web or the separate -request bot.

> Someone from Red
> Hat has to. If you were on the redhat list you would see that Marc from
> Red Hat is monitoring the lists and removing these people manually.

Which is an offer because he screwed up and reset the settings


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