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Re: Fedora, grub/lilo, and software-RAID

Can I second the request to keep lilo around?

Until it becomes possible to duplicate lilo -R safely, grub hasn't surpassed lilo's features and can't (imho) replace lilo completely. Availability as a package that's not generally included in any installation profiles but can be selected specifically during install would be an excellent compromise.

I have a few machines on which I've grown to love Lilo on the MBR and grub on the chain-loaded partitions. It's beautiful. It's magic.

- bish

Troels Arvin wrote:


I just read that Fedora is going to ditch lilo, leaving grub. Grub is
great for many systems, but it's a nightmare for people booting on
software-RAID. I strongly suggest that lilo still be included in Fedora
until grub becomes able to install properly on software-RAID

See also http://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=55484

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