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Re: unsubsribe

From: "Edward Croft" <ecroft openratings com>

> On Thu, 2003-10-30 at 14:41, Michael Schwendt wrote:
> > Where did you read that? All these unsubscribe/nomail requests didn't
> > interest me and went to trash folder here until this topic came up.
> > 
> > On redhat-list (which is separate from fedora-list), Matthew Galgoci
> > posted:
> > 
> >     In an effort to clean up the list subscribership, I have turned
> >     down the bounce hysteresis to a low triggering value and enabled
> >     list delivery for everyone.
> > 
> >     I am removing addresses that bounce and the balance that I don't
> >     see bouncing directly will be removed by the list software
> >     automatically.
> > 
> >     For people that opted for the nomail option and are now suddenly
> >     getting a deluge of mail, sincerly I appologize. Simply send me an
> >     email asking to have the nomail option for your preferences
> >     restored or if you want to be removed entirely, let me know and I
> >     will remove you from the list.
> > 
> > So, what happened is that the list admin reset the customized settings
> > for everyone back to defaults. The message does not say that people
> > were subscribed to the list accidentally.
> > 
> > > They can't unsubscribe themselves.
> > 
> > They can. Either via web or the separate -request bot.
> > 
> > > Someone from Red
> > > Hat has to. If you were on the redhat list you would see that Marc
> > from
> > > Red Hat is monitoring the lists and removing these people manually.
> > 
> > Which is an offer because he screwed up and reset the settings
> > beforehand.
> Okay, I stand corrected. I had sent a message to Mathew and he said that
> he was dealing with the redhat-list and redhat-install-list. He said
> that those were the only two. It just seemed coincidental that there
> were a number here at the same time as on the red hat list. 
> I will step back down now and go skulk in a corner with my head hung low
> whimpering like an old sot. :-P

Yes, do that for the good of your soul. At least 49231.2 ms in the corner
is required for proper cleansing of your soul.


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