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Crossover Office 2.1

I just downloaded Codeweavers Crossover Office 2.1 and installed it on
FC Test3.  It seemed to work fine at first, but after a couple of days
(and many updates from rawhide) it now produces an error when I try to
run a windows app.  IE 6 will not run after the error, but other apps

"Your system appears to contain a security patch that will cause trouble
when running some programs in CrossOver.  To fix the problem, please
consult the online FAQ at ...."

When I consult the FAQ, it says:

============================== Will CrossOver work with my security patches? (grsec,
libsafe, etc.)

Sometimes. Many security patches disallow loading executables at certain
locations in the memory map. Some Windows executables are stripped of
their relocation records, thus must be loaded at a specific address in
the memory map. 

For this reason, you may experience trouble running certain programs in
CrossOver with security patches enabled. If you are using grsec, please
contact us as we may be able to help you. If you are using the "not
executable stack patch" for Linux, you may disable it for CrossOver by
running the following command: 

$ /usr/sbin/chstk -e ~/cxoffice/bin/wineloader

I do not have a program called /usr/sbin/chstk, and suspect this is not 
the solution anyway.

Has anyone else experienced this or had success with CrossOver Office 2.1 
on Fedora?



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