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Re: Crossover Office 2.1

You'd better read the RELEASE-NOTES file to learn how to disable
exec-shield. Just a quote :

o The Fedora Core 1 kernel includes new Exec-shield functionality.
  Exec-shield is a security-enhancing modification to the Linux kernel
  that makes large parts of specially-marked programs -- including their
  stack -- not executable. This can reduce the potential damage of some
  security holes. Exec-shield is related to the older "non-exec stack
  patch" but has the potential to provide greater protection.


Le ven 31/10/2003 à 03:34, ne... a écrit :
> On Oct 30, 2003 at 19:50, Gerry Tool in a soothing rage wrote:
> >$ /usr/sbin/chstk -e ~/cxoffice/bin/wineloader
> >==============================
> >I do not have a program called /usr/sbin/chstk, and suspect this is not 
> >the solution anyway.
> The kernel-utils-2.4-8.31 rpm provided this. I note it is not
> in the kernel-utils-2.4-9.1.101.fedora rpm does not provide it. 
> You may have to downgrade.
> N.Emile...
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