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Re: Crossover Office 2.1

On Thu, 2003-10-30 at 20:42, Dams wrote:
> You'd better read the RELEASE-NOTES file to learn how to disable
> exec-shield. Just a quote :
> o The Fedora Core 1 kernel includes new Exec-shield functionality.
>   Exec-shield is a security-enhancing modification to the Linux kernel
>   that makes large parts of specially-marked programs -- including their
>   stack -- not executable. This can reduce the potential damage of some
>   security holes. Exec-shield is related to the older "non-exec stack
>   patch" but has the potential to provide greater protection.
> 	D

Thanks for your reply.

I read the RELEASE-NOTES and disabled Exec-shield for all binaries. 
Same results as before.  I discovered now that IE6 does work after the
error dialog is closed, regardless of the setting of the Exec-shield
value, so it is more of an aggravation than a show stopper.  I did
submit a ticket to the Codeweavers problem site.


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