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Re: ATI Radeon 9600 bug report

This is what I have been sending to the list for a couple days. I cannot get Fedora to work unless I use the drivers from the ATI website. I sent Mike an Email regarding the output of the ATI information today.

He is becoming a household name in my house.

If this helps:

1. I use the default Fedora Kernel
2. I did a clean install of XFree86 (reinstall and rm -rf) zap the Xfconfig jazz
3. Reboot
4. Using the default prompts I configure my Video Card Radeon 9600 and Monitor.
5. 10-30 secs into login I crash, at the Loading Window
6. I use VESA driver d/l the ATI (ati_package_for_4.3).rpm
7. Install rpm -i --nodeps (ati_package_for_4.3).rpm
8. ATI edited (I verified XFconfig-4) and reboot (for the heck of it)
9. No Hangs it is working now.

That is the only way for me to use my computer.

Just my input.


Also an ATHLON XP w/ Barton Core single

On Oct 30, 2003, at 8:15 PM, Sys Admin wrote:

Dear Mike,
We recently tested fedora on a dual Athlon machine with an ATI Radeon 9600 with two outputs, VGA and DVI. Chipsets 4150 and 4170 combined on the one board.

I tested this every way I could think of, modifying the XF86Config for one or two screens, etc. But no joy. I'll get more details after the weekend. VESA was fairly stable.
Regards, TC

Terry Cole	admingt maths otago ac nz System Administrator
Dept. of Maths and Stats, 		Otago University
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