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Re: The more I read the confuser I get.-the answer

On Fri, 31 Oct 2003 12:45:10 +0500, Konstantin Zemlyak wrote:

> >> If Red Hat stop making the SRPMS available to the those who haven't subscribed
> >> to RHEL, all it takes is one paying customer to release them on their own FTP
> >> servers.
> > Why should that customer do that? It would threaten Red Hat's business
> > model. That should not be in the interest of a paying enterprise
> > customer.
> IMHO stopping to provide SRPMS wouldn't be in RedHat's interests in
> the first place. 

[First a reminder, we should not be discussing anything like this on
fedora-list because other subscribers might be annoyed. We're
off-topic. Would be more suitable for the general redhat-list. I won't
reply to this thread beyond this reply.]

Anyway, please read the very top of the quote again and see how that
would meet the requirements of the GNU GPL. It would. It is a scenario
that *might* happen one time.


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