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Re: Crossover Office 2.1

On Fri, 2003-10-31 at 01:56, Jakub Jelinek wrote:

> FYI, for Fedora Core 1, there is no chstk utility any more, but
> execstack(8) (included in prelink package), as the marking is very different
> from what it used to be (it is now in PT_GNU_STACK program header entry's
> p_flags).
> But note that there are 2 major separate things the execshield patch
> does:
> a) making stack non-executable for apps (and all their libraries) which don't
>    need it
> b) mmap randomization (mmap (NULL, ...) returns without MAP_FIXED are randomized,
>    if non-executable stack then PROT_EXEC mappings are assigned preferrably
>    from ASCII shield area or the rest of address space below executable)

I set each of the values in /proc/sys/exec-shield and
/proc/sys/exec-shield-randomize to 0 and the error message still occurs.

> Depends what cxoffice has problems with.  As it hasn't been likely compiled
> on FC1 (or RHEL3), it should not have PT_GNU_STACK segment and thus default
> to executable stack.  So most probably this is about randomization, which
> can be ATM turned off with running the program with setarch -3 program arguments

When I use setarch -3 <binary>, setarch replies 

Don't know how to set arch to -3

When I use setarch i386 <binary> the program runs but still produces the
error dialog.

I may be misunderstanding your suggestion.



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