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Re: The more I read the confuser I get.

> Who says you can't use it after you quit paying for updates? No one. Red

RedHat does. In my dealings with their sales reps, it is a "no-go" to keep using RHEL after your subscription runs out.

Almost every argument I hear against the RHEL products is "well, I used to
get this without having to pay".  That is part of the problem.  It is hard

I'd say that it's the fact that there's a certain degree of inflexibility coming from them. People know that it's been a long, free lunch with Red Hat Linux for years. What they're doing now is 100% right (with the switch) - but *.edu and small businesses are taking it up the rear. My school can't afford the educational pricing - well - we could if it wasn't a yearly subscription.

So now, the company that I feel DESERVES whatever money we can give to them will get *none* as we switch to Fedora and Solaris x86.


e r i k   w i l l i a m s o n                     erik cpsc ucalgary ca
 system admin . department of computer science . university of calgary

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