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Speedtouch USB with Fedora 0.95


I'm user of redhat linux for a long time and I have a speedtouch usb modem. I saw on the fedora kernel that the speedtch module was precompiled in the kernel package.

Until now I used the speedtouchconf script to install my speedtouch usb on pppoa mode but I would like to try using the kernel module provided with fedora, and maybe using it on a the futur 2.6 kernel.

My problem is to know if someone install already this modem on a fedora system and how ? Because it seems that if I'm looking to the standard procedures as presented in http://www.linux-usb.org/SpeedTouch that the "linux-atm" or at least "libatm" has to be installed. And I don't find something similar on the installation tree.

When i try to install the linux-atm manually using the rpms from the atm website it's install, but something else is missing a "nas0" device and/or module to install an nas0 connection. So is it external to the kernel or as to be compiled ?

Please someone help me ?

Thanks in advance


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