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Re: The more I read the confuser I get.

David Jericho wrote:

Ben Russo wrote:

However, unlike the Red Hat Linux products before it, we will not be making ISO images freely available for Advanced server. However, if you are a "1337 haxx0r d00d" with "m4d ski11z" (or even a mildly interested sysadmin with a year or two of Linux experience), and you want to roll your own, go for it. Shadowman recommends that you might consider reviewing our trademark policies

I have actually built RHEL from the source RPMs. I even prepared a bootable install CD for myself using those RPMs. I have the afore mentioned m4d skillz. But both the replies I've seen so far are missing the point.

I don't understand David, you say that you have built your free distribution and you know how to install it for free on all your systems.
But you feel like RedHat should provide some type of support for you? For Free? why?

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