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Re: fuzzy fontness

On Fri, 2003-08-29 at 18:35, Sean Middleditch wrote:
> Hi all,
>  Redhat9 gave me very crisp, clear fonts.  Updating to Rawhide, I
> noticed they got rather fuzzy - the AA isn't as good.  I'm running an
> LCD, and I _do_ have sub-pixel smoothing on.  (Same setting as we/
> RH9.)  Using the Vera fonts in GNOME.
>  Before I start filing bugs and all that, thought I'd check if anyone
> else noticed this behaviour/change - if not, then I guess I need to
> figure out what changed so drastically in my setup...


Is a bug report on the subject of "worse font rendering", though
it doesn't really sound like your bug report. One of the problems
reported there - the lowercase g in Luxi Mono is concrete and
probably fixable with some attention to exactly what is going on
in the hinting process, but the rest of the report os

Comparative screenshots are extremely useful. I'd love to see someone
spend some time to get screenshoots that did comparisons of:

 Red Hat 8, Red Hat 9, Severn

For the default Sans, Serif, Monospace, and at least the default
rendering mode  "Best Shapes". I want to create a page about fonts
in Red Hat Linux once the web page returns, and that would be
great information to have there.

Usually changes in rendering are due to subtle changes in FreeType -
Severn has 2.1.4, Red Hat 9 2.1.3, and fixing the problem can
be a fairly time-consuming process of going in and adjusting
either the fonts or the hinting process in FreeType.

I spent a lot of time on this for Red Hat 8, but since then,
I've mostly been going with the flow of whatever changes get
into upstream FreeType.

But at least if it's narrowed down to something concrete with
a screenshot "the lowercase g has this weird shape", then it's a 
lot more feasible to fix than a general "fonts look worse".

I've never found sub-pixel smoothing to actually improve things;
either it is too subtle to be noticable or the color fringing is
objectionable. I don't use it on my LCD.


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