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Re: Can I use the build files after the system is up?

George Anzinger wrote:

I am running 8.0

System is up and running, I want to add open office.

All the rpm files are on the hard drive as files (not CD images).

try this out but your gonna have to get your hands dirty on the command line ...
(all commands to type will be in bold - comments start with a #)
*#type in password for root user on machine ...
#cd to the directory that your openoffice files are in ...
*rpm -Uvh <name of openoffice file that finishes with the extension .rpm>* #(without the < *>)*
#this command will tell you what it is doing as it installs the rpm (same thing as the gui but with more details)

if all went well - openoffice should be installed and it should have been added to your menus. If not you can launch the wordprocessor by typing *swriter* in a console and it should start up.

p.s. - not sure this is the right place to post for newbie questions - i thought this list was for the new rhl beta stuff?


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