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Re: rpm lockups - argh

On Mon, 2003-09-22 at 21:43, Barry K. Nathan wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 22, 2003 at 09:25:53AM -0400, Sean Middleditch wrote:
> > Would I be correct in assuming that this won't help in the least for
> > graphical updaters or other apps, as they most likely use librpm?  (and
> > wouldn't use that alias anyhow even if they didn't)  I almost never use
> > the plain rpm command.  :(
> How do you know it's rpm locking up then, if you almost never use the
> plain rpm command? (If up2date tracebacks for some reason and you didn't

Because in the instances I *do* use plain RPM, is *also* locks up.  It
never locks up when using apt or yum, now that I think on it - just
plain rpm and the redhat-install-packages utility.  I never use up2date,
since it refuses to work w/ Rawhide, only the Severn beta, which isn't
what I want.

> run it from the command line, it may appear to freeze instead, for
> instance. I filed that in Bugzilla shortly after the RHL 9 release,
> although I don't remember the bug number right now.)

I've not found a pattern of crashes and lockups.  More often, I'll
install a couple packages just fine (usually using
redhat-install-packages) and then go to install a another, and get the

> Also, could you try running the command "getconf GNU_LIBPTHREAD_VERSION"
> and tell us the output? (I might have other advice based on the output
> of this command.)

elanthis stargrazer:~$ getconf GNU_LIBPTHREAD_VERSION
NPTL 0.57

Running the latest Rawhide.  Problem has existed ever since I installed
Redhat, version 8.0, after switching from Debian.

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