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New Releases

I was reading where Fedora plans a new version every 4-6 months.  I am
curious as to why the need for so many releases.

Is this just a by-product of being Open Source or by design?

My wild-ass guess is that quality would be much better improved if there
were one final release per year and 12 months support.  

For example, if the release date were July 1, there would be a team
working on next year's product, and a team working on the current
product to keep it debugged.  Those wanting to be on the cutting edge
would use and support the beta products, and those who prefer
reliability would stick with the final release product.  

This would give everyone a choice of 1 or two years support depending on
which product they chose, not to mention a larger window in which to
plan to upgrade.  

I admit that I am ignorant in this area so tell me what I am missing


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