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Re: New Releases

On Tue, 2003-09-23 at 09:31, Buck wrote:
> I was reading where Fedora plans a new version every 4-6 months.  I am
> curious as to why the need for so many releases.
> Is this just a by-product of being Open Source or by design?
> My wild-ass guess is that quality would be much better improved if there
> were one final release per year and 12 months support.  

Which is the purpose of getting RHEL - longer lifetime, more stability. 
Fedora is meant to be cutting edge and fast pace.  If that doesn't suit
you (it won't suit a lot of people, for sure) then its time to buy up or
switch.  :(

> For example, if the release date were July 1, there would be a team
> working on next year's product, and a team working on the current
> product to keep it debugged.  Those wanting to be on the cutting edge
> would use and support the beta products, and those who prefer
> reliability would stick with the final release product.  

There's always the possibility that *if* the community agrees to support
security errata and the like, it will be done.  Certainly, if a group
with the time and dedication gets together and does the work, I don't
(personally) see why Redhat would stop them.

The plan posted I believe is simply what Redhat themselves plan on
supporting, giving that they only know how much effort *they* can and
will put in to it.

> This would give everyone a choice of 1 or two years support depending on
> which product they chose, not to mention a larger window in which to
> plan to upgrade.  

There is no product to choose - just Fedora.  If you want *real* Redhat
products, the lifetime is drastically different than the Fedora

> I admit that I am ignorant in this area so tell me what I am missing
> here.
> Buck
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