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Re: rpm lockups - argh

On Tue, 2003-09-23 at 04:48, M A Young wrote:
> On Mon, 22 Sep 2003, Sean Middleditch wrote:

> > Because in the instances I *do* use plain RPM, is *also* locks up.  It
> > never locks up when using apt or yum, now that I think on it - just
> > plain rpm and the redhat-install-packages utility.  I never use up2date,
> > since it refuses to work w/ Rawhide, only the Severn beta, which isn't
> > what I want.
> You can use up2date to get rawhide, as this is basically what the severn
> update channel supplies.

The Severn channel seems to be a lot mroe out of date than the packages
I can grab w/ yum.  In any case, it's not really that much of a problem
to me, I'm not even that fond the up2date UI.  ~,^

> Also just because rpm won't work it doesn't mean it caused the lockup,
> the lockup is caused by the previous application not clearing up the locks
> properly or being killed before it has a chance to do so.

And, again, in many instances that RPM fails, the previous command or
app I ran *was* rpm (or redhat-install-packages).

And, even *if* a "previous app" is causing it, it's still happening,
which is bull.  I don't care what the cause is (from a user standpoint),
I only know that it stops working, and the only way to make it work is
use "advanced hacker black magic".  If there is a propensity for the rpm
command or redhat-install-packages to fail (which should be *fixed*),
then it should be very gracefully and cleanly handled.

> 	Michael Young
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