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Re: rpm lockups - argh

On Tue, 2003-09-23 at 03:49, Michael Schwendt wrote:
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> On Mon, 22 Sep 2003 22:20:36 -0400, Sean Middleditch wrote:
> > Hmm, Rawhide has rpm 4.2.1-0.30, and the bug persists 
> Can you describe your usual RPM activities?

I run apt or yum once every couple days, but these *never* fail on me,
that I can recall.  I also download the occasional packages and its
dependencies (for example, Abiword 2.0.0), which I generally install by
having redhat-install-packages launched from the browser (Epiphany).

I also sometimes run rpm to remove packages, or sometimes install things
when redhat-install-packages fails (like it always does when there's
dependency issues, since it doesn't seem to bother trying to resolve
them from packages I've downloaded in the same folder as the package its
trying to install).

> Do you interrupt rpm often? Interrupting rpm is one major source of
> being confronted with stale lock files. 

Of course not.  I'm not a *complete* goober - were I doing something
that stupid, I wouldn't be complaining about rpm sucking.  ~,^

The only time I ever stop or kill rpm or redhat-install-packages is when
they're locked up.

> I haven't seen an rpm lockup for a *very* long time. Neither with
> Shrike nor with Severn. And I have erased, installed and queried
> hundreds to thousands of packages [in my build environment]. On Red

Which makes this all rather confusing then.  Perhaps there is something
in my existing setup that is killing the stability.  Guess I'll go the
rpm list.

> Hat Linux 8.0 it's rpm 4.1.1-1.8x from Fedora "Patches" that works for
> me:
> http://download.fedora.us/patches/redhat/8.0/i386/RPMS.stable/
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