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Re: Severn and Gnome 2.4

On Wed, 2003-09-24 at 12:22, Kreg Steppe wrote:
> >>Gnome 2.4 is great, however has anyone else had a problem with windows 
> >>being sticky to the mouse?
> >>I mean I click on a title bar to change focus, and I move the mouse the 
> >>the window is in a move state following my mouse around until I click 
> >>once again then it drops.
> >>    
> >>
> >
> >Do you have a USB mouse?
> >
> >michaelkjohnson

I'm experiencing the same problem on a similar system (my system was
shrike -> rawhide, but all rawhide now) using both my touchpad (a
synaptics touchpad on a compaq presario 2715us) and my usb mouse (a MS
Wheel Mouse Optical). I've experienced this problem with both 2.4
kernels and the 2.6 test kernels from Arjan, so I think it is an X
problem, not a kernel problem. I'm pretty sure that this only started
recently too, sometime after the problem with alt-tab window switching
was fixed.


Joshua Legbandt <jtlegbandt earthlink net>

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