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Re: Severn and Gnome 2.4

I think that it is in just Gnome. I am using KDE for now with no probs. In all fairness, it could be that I installed Severn and then upgraded all those packages from the Severn Update. You know there is always something in the back of my mind that says there could be something funky when you update that many packages.

Since Beta#2 is coming out today, I may just install that and see if my problem persists. I really dont want to file a bug on something that may have already been taken care of in the new beta.

<grin>I was going to install the new beta anyway.</grin>


Michael K. Johnson wrote:

On Wed, Sep 24, 2003 at 11:43:50PM -0700, Joshua Legbandt wrote:

I'm experiencing the same problem on a similar system (my system was
shrike -> rawhide, but all rawhide now) using both my touchpad (a
synaptics touchpad on a compaq presario 2715us) and my usb mouse (a MS
Wheel Mouse Optical). I've experienced this problem with both 2.4
kernels and the 2.6 test kernels from Arjan, so I think it is an X
problem, not a kernel problem. I'm pretty sure that this only started
recently too, sometime after the problem with alt-tab window switching
was fixed.

OK, I just wondered; there's a weird USB mouse bug that can result in double-clicks on a single-click, and I didn't know if this was that plus window manager configuration...

But it's not.


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