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Re: monitor frequency problem

On Thu, 2003-09-25 at 14:53, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Mario Gomes (mgomes eol ca) said: 


> > I was able to install Severn in text mode to the point that the computer
> > reboots.  The problem arises when the reboot is processing, eventually
> > the screen goes blank and I get this error message:
> > 
> > out of range
> > 26Hz / 21Khz
> > 
> > I suspect that the monitor frequency is incorrectly set and I somehow
> > need to change this before the system starts loading.  The monitor I
> > have is a GEM LCD and the frequency recommended is (H) 30Khz-60Khz and
> > (V) 50Hz-75 Hz.  I would appreciate if someone has any suggestions on
> > how to correct this problem.
> If you boot with 'nogui', and then try to start X, is that when it
> goes out of spec?

Had the same problem on my dad's new machine. He was running a new
NVidia GeForce 5900 video card with a brand new ViewSonic A90f+ monitor.
It happened with both Red Hat 9 and Severn1. Booting to runlevel 3 and
then typing startx produced the same "out of range" results. The only
way I was able to get things working was after I managed to download and
install the NVidia drivers from their site. Driver "nv" still will not
work properly, but the driver "nvidia" runs with no trouble at all with
the exact same XF86Config file.



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