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Re: What price do you want?

Mensaje citado por Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com>:

> On Thu, 2003-09-25 at 20:25, Adam Debus wrote:
> >     I do not see this as violating the GNU license at all. Remember, the
> > Distro itself is NOT under the GPL. The individual components that make up
> > the distro are.
> See http://www.redhat.com/licenses/
> From
> http://www.redhat.com/licenses/rhel_us_2-1.html?country=United+States&;
>         Red Hat Enterprise Linux itself is a collective work under U.S.
>         Copyright Law. Subject to the trademark use limitations set
>         forth below, Red Hat grants Customer a license in this
>         collective work pursuant to the GNU General Public License.
> I'm not a lawyer or authorized to give you an official explanation, but
> as I understand it the cost of RHEL is for the support and services.
> The work Red Hat does to develop, support, update the OS costs N dollars
> per system supported. But you should read the web site information
> yourself (or better, get your lawyer to). Red Hat sales reps are no
> doubt also used to answering this question authoritatively.
redhat sales never awnser me :-(

but, did you the notice the EXPORT CONTROL paragraph ?

as you could notice, i'm from cuba, i'm a cuban citizen and also i live in cuba, so , as
explicity say in the EXPORT CONTROL paragraph, i'm avoided to use the RHEL, also the beta
:-(, i can understant that RedHat can sell it's soft under GPL but restricting who can get
it (as Lindows do) but the BETA version is public !!!??? so how can the BETA public
version under the GPL can also be restrict it by the US EXPORT CONTROL ?

sorry this offtopic but I need some anwser, at least comunity anwser, because peoples who
supose to anwser me didn't do that.


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