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I have joined the Fedora list to see more about it but I claim this
whole move is consistent with a point I expressed long ago. One can't
make money on something you give away free. VALinux learned this as
did other Linux producers.

I was one of those who had so much confidence in RedHat I bought their
stock when it was released. After 1 month or so my loses were about

To me Fedora comes from a decision by RedHat to make money not just
coast along. Under this new arrangement this is what they will do.
It will be pain for some but is no great surprise. Enterprise Software
is where its at, money-wise.

If some third party constructs a pseudo-RH Linux release for sale it
seems to me they will not have to give it away free or allow it to be
down-loadable. Again there is money to be made.
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