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Re: MySQL: 3.x versus 4.x

Marc Schwartz wrote:

> A (hopefully) quick query. Can someone provide some insight into the
> selection of MySQL 3.x as opposed to 4.x in Fedora, in light of 4.x
> being the present production version series?


Things to note....
We are on the second set of isos now for this beta/test phase. A lot of
previous discussion on pretty much all the 'important' packaging issues
has been hashed through at least once in a mailinglist. The chances that
the people with authoritative answers to give are going to respond, will
probably lower as the number of times the same issue comes up. Please be
aware that there are a couple of months of discussion already for this
beta/test phase. And what's great, Red Hat's mailinglist archives have a
search feature now....though it could be better. I still find it easier
to search my locally archived digest emails in evolution, than to use
Red Hat's web archvice search interface....but I digress. You may also
want consider using the fedora-test list to talk about issues specific
to the beta/test releases.

-jef"still waiting for oneko to show up in Fedora Extras"spaleta

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