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Re: How can I update from Shrike to Fedora ?

Cristian Stefan wrote:
> Hi I am new to RH and i have installed RH9 and managed to update it 
> with apt4rpm .So...
> The obvious question is :
> How can I manage to put some repositories to get a dist-upgrade from RH9
> to Fedora ?

This sort of question about apt or yum comes up a lot. And though I can
not tell how to get apt to do this...because I don't use apt. I do have
to question whether or not its WORTH upgrading to the test release this

As of now...using either apt/yum to upgrade to a new release is not
something the Fedora Core developers are making a priority to test and
make sure works. If you are able to use apt to upgrade to the new test
release, and you have problems...your bugreports might not be useful at
all...and their might be very little interest in helping fix the
problems you encounter becuase you have used an un-supported upgrade

I think..if you are going to be running the beta..and be a beta
tester..you have to be willing to follow some basic rules on expected
behavior. One of those rules have been that you are going to have to
either upgrade from a previous official release using the ISO image
based upgrade methods provided by the official installer. Or You will be
doing a fresh install using the provided methods.  

Unless something has changed recently..very recently...having apt or yum
work to do dist-upgrade like behavior is not something thats getting a
lot of Fedora Core development attention. You can certainly try to do
it, becuase both yum and apt have the ability to do this sort of
thing...but if it goes wrong...your bugs might not be a high priority. 
Bug testing effort is best spent on issues developers want tested...and
to-date I haven't seen much interest from the development side to make
upgrading between releases with apt a high priority. 

-jef"thinks the website needs Tester Guidelines, to help give testers an
indication of what the priorities are for different test

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