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Cross-posting out of context is NOT cool [was Re: How can I updatefrom Shrike to Fedora ?]

Mike Vanecek wrote:
> Because not everyone subscribes to all three lists and I want to get 
> the perspective and feedback from those with more knowledge and 
> experience that I have.

Everyone was not a party of the original post. If you have a problem
with what I have written...why don't you make an attempt to clear up any
misunderstandings before you go quoting me out of context of the
original thread on totally different lists. Very rude...not cool...you
lose mucho style points...I'm going to have to drink an extra shot of
tequila tonite to get over the monstrous insult you have wounded me
with. if you don't post a follow up apology on the lists you
cross-posted to...I'm going to be forced to drink yet another tequila
shot for each list you cross-posted to.

But if you really want to get this sort of perspective from other
lists...in the future...you might consider just posting something like
the archive url to other lists...so people can have a chance to see the
original thread...and the context my comments were made in. For
example...you could have just used this...
to indicate that you wanted comments on why i wrote in msg00379 of the
fedora-list,,,so people could follow the original thread.

-jef"I hate having to drink another tequila shot..."spaleta

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