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Re: Cross-posting out of context is NOT cool [was Re: How can Iupdatefrom Shrike to Fedora ?]

Paul Gear wrote:
> Jef and Mike S.: hypersensitivity about netiquette can be just as
> unbecoming as the original offense.

Whose being hypersensitive? I'll make it more obvious next time that I'm
joking about being offended. No one on the list will actually know if i
drank 17 shots of tequila last night...but the idea of being forced to
do so to sooth my bruise ego over an insulted in a mailinglist, was
funny to me.

> Mike V. had a good reason for doing what he did, and you could be a
> little forgiving of the fact that he didn't do it in quite the way you
> liked.

I'm not saying is reason wasn't valid...but his actions are short
sighted. I did give advice on how to handle it better in the future. I'm
trying to be helpful...though I think I'll go back to trying to be funny
since I clearly need more practice at that.


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