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Missing module char-major-188

I seem to be missing a module from Fedora Beta 2. On boot, I get:

Sep 29 10:26:37 issola modprobe: modprobe: Can't locate module char-major-188
Sep 29 10:26:41 issola last message repeated 15 times
Sep 29 10:26:42 issola cups: cupsd startup succeeded

in my /var/log/messages.

When I try to use a printer (using cups), I get similar messages.

The printer is defined as a Unix lpd printer, and works from other
machines with appropriate permissions.

However, the zinger is I can't find the package to which it
belongs. If I run:

find mnt/CHARLESC/jukebox/severn.disc*/ -iname *.rpm -print -exec rpm -qlp {} \; | grep char-major-188

I get nothing.


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