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Am Sa, den 03.04.2004 schrieb Alexander Dalloz um 21:19:
> Am Sa, den 03.04.2004 schrieb Res um 11:18:
> > is there a trick to the old cp -a blah blah dirs /newdisk
> > then install lilo from CD, to hard drive upgrades with grub... all we do
> > with lilo work fine, but seeing as RH seem to not even offer you the
> > choice to use the most commonly used bootloader around anymore, wonder what
> > other ppls experiences have been in doing disk upgrades with grub, our
> > first attempt failed dismally, gave up after 2 hours, when we use the lilo
> > boxes ( RH9 as it was upgrades to 9 and never a clean install ) and
> > slackware boxes we can do in 20 mins, and 18 of those 20 is the cp -a :)
> Fedora still comes with lilo, while grub is default bootmanager. I last
> installed Fedora in December and so I can not certain remember, but I
> think the install routine allows you to decide whether to use grub or
> lilo. At least lilo is installable afterwards.
> Alexander

Lilo cannot be installed during a normal installation (caused very
controversial discussions on the test-list ;-)), but anaconda creates a
lilo.conf, so it's very easy to install lilo.

cp /lilo.conf.anaconda /etc/lilo.conf
up2date -nox lilo (or install from disc 3)
rpm -e grub

If you are looking for a really fast way to setup boxes you can do an
automatic kickstart install, in kickstart lilo is still available.

BTW: I never had problems using GRUB. No problems with updates.


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