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Re: MLB Gameday Audio and RealPlay9

Am Di, den 06.04.2004 schrieb John M. Pantone um 19:57:

> I've got realplay9 installed - and it works for most real streams
> (smoothjazz.com, etc.) but when I try to listen to Major League Baseball's
> sstream realplay tells me I don't have enough user permission to start
> autoupdate. This is also true if I run as root.
> Has anyone seen this, and hopefully got a fix?
> I checked the realplay forum and there wasn't much help there.
> Thanks.

Probably you have not the latest version of that player. I must confess
I do not know much about naming scheme used by real.com, but isnt' the
realplay series followed by the G2 series?

At least "autoupdate" sounds pretty much for a Windows[tm] platform
technique. Do not run such things as root!


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