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Re: Ugh. MS TrueType fonts screwed up my machine

Well, not to say 'ignore your problem' or anything, but why don't you do
it with whatever native font you have on your box and then save your
resume as a PDF?  that'll ensure that it'll look (relatively) the same no
matter what o/s they're using.  open office does this.


Preston Crawford said:
> Does anyone know a way around this? I installed an RPM with MS TrueType
> fonts because I needed to have my resume (I'm redoing it after being
> laid off) be 100% portable. I don't have access to a Windows box right
> now.
> Anyway, I installed the fonts and now my web browsers (Mozilla,
> Epiphany) are picking up the fonts and using them, but frankly they look
> like garbage compared to the default fonts. Either too small or too big
> or too bold. I want the fonts for use with OpenOffice.org, but that's
> it.
> Any way to accomplish this?
> Preston
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